Top 5 Zkteco Time Attendance and Access control Device in Bangladesh.


The Assistance and Time Attendance Device for employees is a Biometric clock that allows obtaining simply and effectively the arrival and departure times of the employees of the Company: Normal time worked, overtime, late entries, early departures, vacations, holidays, remuneration, news between and others.

The Control of Time Assistance and Biometric device is a powerful tool that executes the “Control of Working Hours” of the workers of a Company. It is also called the Control Clock and is used to automatically manage the total time worked and overtime worked.

The report of entrances and exits is obtained using a program installed on a computer, from where the control information is downloaded, which is processed to generate the attendance and time report of the Company’s employees.

Generate the report for the SG-SST. The Time and Attendance Control Clock Software generates the absence report according to the requirement of the SGSST Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Attendance Control puts an end to delays, early departures and late lunchtime returns.

“Be aware of the time worked by your staff.”

Types of Biometric Readers for Attendance and Time Control

we have different devices to carry the Personnel Control, classified according to the identification method used: Fingerprint dialing, facial reading, with proximity card or Keypad with access code. Usually, each system combines two or more identification methods with LCD screens, microphones, speakers, cameras, etc.

ZKTeco K40:

K40 is an elegant and innovative IP biometric terminal designed to manage employee assistance and control access to a door.

It is possible to manage it over the network through its TCP / IP interface and it has a USB port for manual data transfer using a USB memory or to export the support report in Excel format.

Most importantly, the built-in backup battery can eliminate the hassle of power failure. With elegant appearance and reliable quality.

Main Features:

– TCP / IP, USB-Host

– Built-in backup battery.

– 2.8-inch color TFT LCD screen.

– Simple access control.

– Multiple languages.

– SSR Reports in Excel Format



ZKTeco MB460 :

The MB460 is an innovative device for time management and employee assistance, it supports verification methods using face, fingerprint, card, password, and combinations between the previous ones in addition to basic Access Control functions.

User verification is done in less than 1 second, which speeds up the process at the time of entry and exit.

Communication between the MB460 and the PC is done through the TCP / IP interface or via USB, for manual data transfer. Its elegant design fits perfectly in any type of environment.

Main Features:

  • 1,200 faces, 1,500 fingerprints, 100,000 events and 2,000 cards (Optional).
  • Multiple languages.
  • TCP / IP, USB-Host, Wi-Fi communication interface (Optional).
  • User verification in less than 1 second.
  • Professional firmware and a more flexible platform.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface with an attractive design.
zkteco sface 900 time attendance

zkteco sface 900 time attendance

ZKTeco SFace900 :

SFace900 is the recent release of ZKTeco for assistance management and access control that supports 3,000 face templates, 3,000 fingerprint templates and 10,000 cards (optional).

It is the first terminal equipped with a high-performance camera, which allows outdoor installation provided it has protection.

The terminal has the latest ZKTeco platform and algorithm, which provides users with a new and intuitive interface, easier and more convenient to use. With its advanced face algorithm and multi-biometric verification technology, the level of security increases.

Main Features:

  • 3,000 face templates, 3,000 fingerprints and

10,000 cards (optional).

  • Multiple languages.
  • High verification speed.
  • Outdoor installation (maximum 12,000 lux).
  • Able to detect if it is really a face or an image, improving the level of security in the Verification
  • Built-in backup battery (optional), which provides approximately 4 hours of continuous operation.
zkteco s922 time attendance

Zkteco s922 time attendance

ZKTeco S922 :

The S922 is a portable, rugged and unique IP biometric device, designed for time management and assistance in remote locations.

The S922 is equipped with a 7.6Ah battery that allows it to work for up to 16 continuous hours and remain up to 28 hours at rest.

Thanks to its cover and rugged design, the S922 can withstand blows up to a height of 1 meter above the floor, and the IP65 protection index it possesses makes it water and dust resistant.

Main Features

– Robust portable design.

– A memory of 5,000 Fingerprints, 30,000 Cards, and 200,000 Transaction Capacity.

– TCP / IP and USB Host interface. (Wi-Fi, GPRS, and 3G Optional).

– Waterproof and dustproof with IP65 protection.

– Shockproof (up to 1m above the floor).

– 7.6Ah high-performance backup battery.

– Protection cover.

zkteco p160 time attendance

zkteco p160 time attendance

ZKTeco P160:

P160 is a multi-biometric terminal for Time and Assistance applications with Access Control functions since it can be connected with electric locks, door sensors, and exit buttons.

It has the latest palm and fingerprint recognition algorithm that with its optimized technology can store up to 600 palm templates and up to 3,000 fingerprints.

Communication via TCP / IP, USB-Host and Wi-Fi (Optional), to ensure optimal connection and data transfer. In addition to having a great speed of verification and a user-friendly interface, its attractive design is ideal for installation in kitchens.

Main Features:

– 600 palms, 3,000 fingerprints, 10,000 cards and 100,000 events.

– Ergonomic and elegant design.

– Verification in less than 1 second.

– Simple and intuitive user interface.

– Advanced biometric algorithms for palm and fingerprint recognition.

– TCP / IP, USB-Host, Wi-Fi communication interface.

– Optional access modules, POE, 3G, battery and printer.

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