Tips for smartly manage your gaming console and controller


Gaming consoles are more commonly mention to like video games. They played on a device specially made for gameplay called a video game console. The player connects with the game through a controller, a hand-held device with buttons and joysticks or pads. The best controllers for PC are some of the better accessories you can get for PC gaming.

As we draw closer to the next generation of gaming systems, the favorable time to control one from this modern age is finally here. With unbelievable libraries of games that continue to increase and prices that are the most affordable they’ve ever been, you’ll want to pick up one of these consoles soon to really make it value your money. Any gaming console has its individual quirks.  Whether you play on a Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or some mix of the three, you can search for tricks to get better your video game experience.

For PlayStation 4

ps4 gaming console & controller feature photo

Turn your phone into a remote:

With the PS4’s value DualShock controllers, entering text and scrolling through menus can take way too much time. That’s one cause to install Sony’s Second Screen app (for Android and iOS). This program lets you navigate console menus and type out text like usernames and passwords from your phone.

Listen  secretly:

You may have noticed the headphone jack manufactured into the PS4 DualShock controller. When you plug in your headphones, however, the console doesn’t automatically detach all of the game’s audio. But if you want to get of disturbing your housemates, you can tweak the settings to secretly listen to everything coming from your console, including sound effects and music.

Add custom wallpaper:

The PS4 giving lots of free and paid-for wallpaper themes. Make a new folder called “IMAGES” at the peak level of the portable drive and drop in some pictures. The PS4 giving lots of free and paid-for wallpaper themes. To create a custom wallpaper, start by plugging a USB stick into your pc. Make a new folder named “IMAGES” at the peak level of the portable drive and drop in some pictures.

Plugin extra storage:

You can get more storage without having to trade out the console’s internal hard drive.The PlayStation 4 will now accept you to save games and apps on a standard external drive, as long as it can handle USB 3.0 and has a capacity between 250GB and 8TB.

Shut up the notifications:

You just want to focus completely on your game or video. On those occasions, you can suppress alerts in Settings > Notifications. On this screen, you can use the tick boxes to customize what you take. You can choose to get off notifications for trophies, invitations, and other events, or you can pick Disable Pop-Ups While Playing Video for a cut viewing experience. Or go ahead and switch off notifications fully.

For Xbox One

xbox one

Stream to a Windows 10 PC:

Microsoft progress both Windows 10 and the Xbox One, so the tech company assemble it fairly easy to stream games from the latter to the former. First, join your console and your computer to the same wireless network. Then turn on your Xbox and head to Settings > Preferences > Xbox app linkage.

Under This Xbox, enable admit game streaming to other devices, and under Other devices, enable admit connections from any device. Next, grab your laptop or desktop, click the task-bar to search for “Xbox, ” and start the computer’s Xbox app. On the left side of the screen, click Connect, and then choose your Xbox when it arrives. Now you can start one of your games and stream away.

Reconfigure your controller:

This technique, which we’ve covered with the PS4 Dual-Shock controllers, also works with the Xbox One. From the leading screen, go to My Games and Apps > Apps > Xbox Accessories.

Get new features in advance

The Xbox Insider Program lets you preview leading versions of the Xbox One software. These versions may have a few more bugs than usual, but they allow you the opportunity to enter cool new features and settings before they officially roll out. Anyone can sign up for this free program, but it awards longtime users: The longer you schedule the more types of preview software you’ll be able to try out.

For Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

Take your screenshots with you:

The Switch has a devoted screenshot button that makes it simple to grab images of what you’re playing. What you might not know is that you can save these pictures to an inserted SD card. Compared to the Switch’s built-in sharing options, this is a simpler way to transfer files, especially if you want to gather lots of pictures to share online, build a montage of screenshots, or edit the images on a desktop computer.

Extend the battery life:

Nintendo formed the Switch for portable, on-the-go play, which means it depends on the battery. You’ll want to try a few of these battery-saving adjust. First, dim the glitter by tapping the Home button on the lower right, running to the quick-settings menu, and sliding down the brightness bar. In a pinch, activating airplane mode from that same quick-settings menu will disable the Switch’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which both drain the battery life. Finally, if you’re ready to spend some cash, invest in a USB-C portable power pack.

Find and share your friend code:

If you link your Facebook or Twitter account to your Nintendo Switch, you can search for friends’ proposal for your friends and followers who have also connected their social accounts to their own consoles. But what about join friends without an arrival on either social network?

You’ll necessity to find your friend code. Find it by choosing your profile icon and highlighting the profile option at the top. I offer to take a picture of the screen with your phone and sending it to your friend, who will then have to type it in after selecting Add Friend on their profile page. It’s difficult and ridiculous, but there’s not much we can do about it.

Best for PC and Xbox

Scuf Prestige:

Simple to swap out components, robust companion software for mapping, triple the price of a normal gamepad, and a bit Hea. SCUF Gaming focuses on high-end customizable controllers. Its latest product is the SCUF Prestige for Xbox One, PC, and Android. Like all SCUF controllers, the Prestige offers players a spread of personalization options. While superior to a typical Xbox One controller, the Prestige fails to measure up to the SCUF Vantage and Xbox Elite. Though a solid, dependable controller, the Prestige isn’t all it might be.

The SCUF Prestige has most of the features you’d expect from the company’s controllers. This includes a removable faceplate, backpaddles, adjustable triggers, trigger stops, and interchangeable thumbsticks. It also has rubberized grips and Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll also get a 10-foot braided cord, two longer thumbsticks, a magnetic key, and a hardshell case. there’s no real need for starting. You’ll start using the Prestige right out of the box. There are 4 paddles that can be mapped to 14 different controller functions.


Best for PS4

Astro Gaming C40 TR:

Remappable, interchangeable buttons, promising serviceability, prohibitively expensive and always-on LED. The TR line of ASTRO Gaming products delivers Premium design and performance for every type of Gamer. Optimum rear button layout for superior ergonomics recovery. Mappability streamlines the Controller for any class and playstyle while improving response time.

Quickly and smoothly swap the analog stick or d-pad modules for consistently sharp performance. Setup the Controller in either parallel configuration. Quickly and comfortably activate the trigger stops, which adjusts the throw of your triggers, to allow hair trigger performance in most FPS titles. The C40 TR Controller delivers high integrity game sound and voice chat in wired and wireless mode via the 3.5mm jack. Consistent with any gaming Headset.

Best for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller:

Excellent D-Pad

, Amazing battery life, and NFC and USB-C are forward-thinking. The Switch Pro controller is very comparable to a number of other controllers for other consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. There are two analog sticks (the right-hand stick is lower than the face buttons, more similar to the Xbox design than PS4), a D-pad, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons, and a number of navigational buttons in the center.

Via Bluetooth to both the Switch and PCs and is a bit bigger and weighty than the Joy-Con grip. Comfortable for extended play sessions, this curvy accessory also boasts the best D-Pad you can get on a controller. It features a USB-C reversible charging port, meaning you won’t have to fiddle around to get it to the plugin, while there’s also NFC built-in for connecting up your Amiibo collectible figurines.

Best for Retro Play

8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller:

8Bitdo makes some very smart wireless gamepads. Thanks to multiple input modes, it’s Bluetooth controllers like the NES30 Arcade Stick and DIY Mod Kits can work with PCs, Macs, Android devices, and even the Nintendo Switch. Considering the company’s retro aesthetic, that’s a huge plus for anyone who wants to play classic games. You can only go so far with 8- and 16-bit control layouts, though.

If you want to play modern games, dual analog sticks and four shoulder buttons are a must. It’s comfortable, responsive, and works with a variety of devices including the Switch. 8Bitdo’s SN30 is functional, responsive, and works flawlessly with the Nintendo Switch.

Best Accessible Controller

microsoft controller

Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller:

Two ribbon-like pull tabs with circular grips made it very easy to pull, and open and reveal a more quality looking pull tab that eased the box open, exposing the adaptive controller itself.

Behind the adaptive controller and a simple illustrative quick-setup guide pamphlet, a single USB Type-C cable was included, which is required to charge the controller, once connected to the Xbox, PC, or outlet. The back of the adapter houses a row of 3.5mm jacks, each representing a different button or facet, found on a standard Xbox One controller, while the USBs on each side of the device act as IO for the left and right stick, respectively.

The d-pad, sync, and menu buttons feel just as good and of the same quality as their standard controller counterpart, just bigger and easier to quickly press.

The two-round black turntable-like buttons have a very satisfying mechanical feel, akin to a good fighting stick or

mini keyboard

, with a nice grippy matte finish, making it easy to distinguish just by touch. The adaptive controller features the sync button, share, and menu button, with the two round buttons representing the A and B buttons, and two USB inputs for analog movement.

Best for Fighting Games

Hori Real Arcade Pro. V Kai:

Reactive buttons and stick, comfortable, lightweight, and stable design, and Good quality built-in terms of buttons and joysticks, full compatibility on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC and greatly priced in comparison to the competition. Arcade sticks in the world of gaming are just like mechanical keyboards for PC gamers.

Searching for the optimal performance, players want a fast button press that is instantly responsive in-game, but to that certain magical golden point. It is only by training and perfect control of its own hand coordination that players can truly enjoy the advantages of a proper arcade stick, and so comes the main characteristic of the Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai.

Provide with controls that are more eager to blast actions than the competition, it gives the possibility of being more effective, if only one achieve better control of its maneuvers and joystick rotations.

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