Three stitches on Taskin’s finger, kept under observation


Three stitches on Taskin's finger, kept under observation

Three stitches on Taskin’s finger, kept under observation

Speedster Taskin Ahmed sustained finger injury on Monday, who has been kept under 72-hour observation.
Taskin was bowling against ODI captain Tamim Iqbal in the net. A bowler’s back drive hit on Taskin’s left hand finger while he was trying to stop the ball. Thumb of his left hand needed three stitches.
“There’s little bit damage on Taskin’s thumb,” BCB chief physician Dr. Debashish Chowdhury informed. “The stitches were given since no bone-damage occurred”.
“We kept him under 72-hour observation,” he informed.
The physician also informed that Taskin will be recovered before the matches and will play since the damage is not in the bowling-hand. He will not be allowed to practice till further medical update.
Injury-prone Taskin, missed several international events including World Cup 2019 because of injuries.
Taskin, 25, played 32 ODIs since his debut in 2015, who played his last ODI in 2017 against South Africa.
Before Taskin, uncapped Parvez Emon ruled out of the squad due to scrotum injury.
Bangladesh will engage with West Indies on January 20 for the 1st ODI of the three-match series. Next two matches will be held on January 22 and 25 respectively.

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