3 Types Of Apps That You Should Never Download On Android


Do you know that there are many Android apps that you should never download on your Android Phone? Because those apps can harm your device privacy and also they can steal your Personal Details Like-Bank Details, Secret Files and many more.

You already know how fast the internet user is growing in Bangladesh these days. Not only in Bangladesh this revolution is happening globally.

And hackers take advantage of this because they know that not everyone knows about hacking. But from today you have to be cautious because you do not know when the hackers will attack you. Here I will show you 3 types of apps that you should never download on your Android phone.

Harmful Android Apps

1. Free Anti-virus Apps

Are you installing free antivirus apps from Google Play Store? Please don’t do this. Because anti-virus apps are not required in Android phones. However, if you want to keep antivirus app in your Android phone then buy it, don’t use free apps. Because the free Security apps itself acts like a virus. They can damage your privacy.

2.  Youtube To Mp3 Converter Apps

Are you using

Youtube Mp3 Converter apps

Like-Vidmate, TubeMate to download your favorite songs? Forget It! Because these tools are restricted by Google LLC. For this reason, you cannot find these apps on Google Play Store.

3. External Keyboard Apps

Most dangerous type of app on this list. It can hack your bank account in an instant. Whenever you use your bank details in mobile, it passes through your keyboard and is saved in the server of that keyboard company. If that company commits fraud then it will not take any time for your bank money to be emptied.

So, always avoid External Keyboard Apps.

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